Event Introduction

Hualien Pacific Ocean Cycling Race

Hualien takes pride in its magnificent Pacific coastline, a natural beauty that has consistently attracted visitors. To highlight this beautiful coastline, we organize the “Hualien Pacific Cup Cycling Challenge.” This event aims to attract various cycling enthusiasts, whether you are a competitive cyclist, a self-challenger, or simply a visitor looking to appreciate the breathtaking scenery. Everyone can find a suitable challenge here. Notably, this year we have introduced electric-assist bicycles, allowing more people to easily participate and enjoy the joy of cycling. It’s a vibrant and diverse event, using cycling as a medium for you to personally experience the splendid natural scenery of Hualien.

Event Information

Event Date: December 16, 112
Event Time: 8:00 AM (Gunfire)
Event Location: Hualien Pacific Park
Adviser: Sports Administration, Hualien County Government
Organizer: Hualien County Sports, Taiwan Cyclist Federation
Implementer: Hualien County Sports Association Cycling Committee
Co-organizer: Hualien City Office,Ji’an Township Office, Shoufeng Township Office, Fengbin Township Office

Event Value

This is an event that blends sports competition, the spirit of challenge, and family integration. We look forward to welcoming participants from all over, to experience the beauty of Hualien together and witness the excitement of this cycling event. Let’s embark on this adventure together, explore the beauty of the Pacific with our feet, and create unforgettable memories.